PBC Initiative

PBC is being offered for subscription through a specially designed Web-Portal. The investors first register themselves on the portal and give their investment and bank account details on successful registration. See how to apply/register for PBC.

The certificates are issued to the investors electronically on receipt of funds in State Bank of Pakistan Account. The investor receives confirmation of the issuance of the certificates both through email and updation of their account on the portal. The investors can view the status of their application by accessing the web-portal through their respective User ID and Password.

Legal Framework

The holders of any one or more of following documents and having own bank account abroad , are eligible to subscribe the PBCs.

Functions of PBC

Minimum investment amount is USD 5,000 or higher in the integral multiple of US$1,000 with no maximum limit.

Registered for Pakistan Banao Certificates?

See our 3 easy steps to invest

You can apply for PBCs if:

  • You have CNIC/NICOP or POC
  • You’re an existing bank account abroad